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NCS has introduced a range of resin products that uses recycled PET plastics to REDUCE virgin raw materials derived from the conventional crude oil beneficiation process. We have taken our first step towards the development of a range of products and services that have a reduced impact on our environment.

"One green step for business, one giant leap for Earthkind".

With Earthkind, NCS aims to become a leading materials producer
with a CO2 conscience as it embarks on the journey of establishing
more sustainable offerings, one green step at a time.


Carbon Footprint

The average person, in the world, contributes to nearly 4 metric tons ( of carbon emissions per year. As at 2018, South Africa ranked as the 11th highest, in the world (, for carbon emissions amounting to 8.06 tons (468m tons of emissions / 58m people), per person per year.

Some end-user products that could use our more environment friendly resins