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Our Purpose & Process

Our Purpose

Putting pure science at the heart of our business, we aim to create a more sustainable planet for generations to come. This means minimising our own carbon footprint and the impact on mother nature through
innovation and partnerships.

 Through the implementation of small focused projects to REDUCE, REUSE or RECYCLE waste streams associated with our business and our industry, our actions along with our customer’s support will be
‘kinder to our earth’.

It is with this common purpose that we introduce Earthkind.

Earthkind is a unique platform that encapsulates our numerous environmentally-friendly products and services making a difference to our planet, one green step at a time.

How much plastic is recycled through using Earthkind 100-Series Resins?

NCS4650 Plastic Fact Diagram Green 5 01 1024x1024
NCS4650 Plastic Fact Diagram Grey 6 Copy 1024x1024

At full NCS plant capacity, we can recycle 337 million bottles per annum. Neatly laid, this would fill 94 Olympic swimming pools or cover 112km of beach-shoreline
(at an average width of 42m) or stretch a linear distance of 74, 332km, wrapping the earth 1.85 times (if the bottles are aligned head-to-toe).

Based on availability, post-industrial PET waste as well as post-consumer PET bottles are used.

Our Process

Putting pure science at the heart of our business, we recycle product that was destined for landfill. The recycling process allows us to replace certain additives and raw materials to manufacture a good quality resin and contribute to the circular economy.

We substitute virgin material, not only addressing a worldwide issue but showing our commitment to innovation for a better future planet.

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